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  Book Lists - Books for Kids - Short Novels to Read Aloud

Reading aloud to children should not end when they graduate from picture books. To continue the excitement of hearing good books read nightly and increasing the success of the child in learning and loving to read; try reading some of these short novels. They are all exceptionally good for reading aloud.

Book Cover

Two Times the Fun
By Cleary, Beverly
Thompson, Carol
2005/04 - HarperCollins
0060579218 CHECK CATALOG

Originally published as four separate picture books, these stories featuring twins Jimmy and Janet are now newly illustrated and bound together in one volume. ...More

(Reading Level: 2.2 Interest Level: K-3)

Book Cover

Shoeshine Girl
By Bulla, Clyde Robert
Burke, Jim
1989/02 - HarperTrophy
0064402282 CHECK CATALOG

Ten-year-old Sarah Ida--hostile and uncooperative at home, and heading for trouble--becomes less self-centered and more self-reliant after a summer job at her aunt's. Illustrations. ...More

(Reading Level: 2.2 Interest Level: 1-4)

Book Cover

Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
By Park, Barbara
Brunkus, Denise
1992/07 - Random House Children's Books
0679826424 CHECK CATALOG

Remember when it was scary to go to school? 'Cause it was your first day and you didn't know anything. Meet Junie B. Jones, kindergartner. "She's so scared of the school bus and the meanies on it that when it's time to go home, she doesn't. ...More

(Reading Level: 3.3 Interest Level: K-3)

Book Cover

Dinosaurs Before Dark
By Osborne, Mary Pope
Murdocca, Salvatore
1992/07 - Random House Children's Books
0679824111 CHECK CATALOG

Illus. in black-and-white. "With an entertaining blend of fact, farce, and fantasy, Osborne tells the story of Jack and his sister, Annie, who take a trip in a magic tree house and land in a time 65 million years ago. They find dinosaurs and volcanoes and adventure. Veteran storyteller Osborne builds the power of reading into the story: it's the books in the tree house that give the kids the magic to travel and see far, far away."--"Booklist. ...More

(Reading Level: 3.3 Interest Level: K-3)

Book Cover The Stories Julian Tells
By Cameron, Ann
Strugnell, Ann
Strugness, Ann
2006/11 - Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
0394943015 CHECK CATALOG

Relates episodes in seven-year-old Julian's life which include getting into trouble with his younger brother Huey, planting a garden, what he did to try to grow taller, losing a tooth, and finding a new friend. ...More

(Reading Level: 3.5 Interest Level: K-3)

Book Cover The Hundred Dresses
By Estes, Eleanor
Slobodkin, Louis
1974/04 - Voyager Books
0156423502 CHECK CATALOG

A story about Wanda, who wore the same faded dress to school every day but claimed to have a hundred dresses at home. This tender and lovely story has beautiful full-color illustrations that brilliantly convey the feeling and overtones of the story. Newbery Honor Book. ...More

(Reading Level: 3.8 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover

A Lion to Guard Us
By Bulla, Clyde Robert
Chessare, Michele
1989/10 - HarperTrophy
0064403335 CHECK CATALOG

'A favorite author uses an actual incident from 1609 to base a story of three impoverished children left alone in London who make their way to the Virginia colony in search of their father. . . . Fine engrossing historical fiction.' -- TE.

Notable 1981 Children' s Trade Books in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC)
Children's Books of 1981 (Library of Congress) ...More

(Reading Level: 3.9 Interest Level: K-4)

Book Cover A Blue-Eyed Daisy
By Rylant, Cynthia
1985/03 - Bradbury Press
0027779602 CHECK CATALOG

Relates episodes in the life of eleven-year-old Ellie and her family who live in a coal mining town in West Virginia. ...More

(Reading Level: 4.5 Interest Level: 4-8)

Book Cover Soup
By Peck, Robert Newton
2000/09 - Audio Bookshelf
1883332680 CHECK CATALOG

Family Listening! Ages 7 and up

What on earth will best friends Rob and Soup get into next? More mischief, you can bet on it! Young actor Amon Purinton makes this an exceptional listening experience. 1.5 hours. ...More

(Reading Level: 4.6 Interest Level: 4-6)

Book Cover Stone Fox 25th Anniversary Edition
By Gardiner, John Reynolds
Sewall, Marcia
1980/04 - HarperCollins
0690039832 CHECK CATALOG

There's just no stopping little Willy. Determined to keep their farm going -- and to give his ailing grandfather a reason to live -- the ten-year-old boy hitches his dog, Searchlight, to the plow and harvests the whole potato crop.

Now little Willy needs five hundred dollars to pay off ten years' back taxes, or the farm will be taken away from them. Dauntless as ever, he stakes everything on one wild hope: that he and Searchlight can outrun the best dogsled racers in the country -- including the legendary Indian, Stone Fox. But the huge mountain man is every bit as intent on winning the big prize money as little Willy is. And he and his five beautiful Samoyeds haven't lost a race yet....

Based on a Rocky Mountain legend, John Reynolds Gardiner's story -- like its hero, little Willy -- has all the ingredients of a winner, right down ...More

(Reading Level: 4.7 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover Frindle
By Clements, Andrew
Selznick, Brian
1996/10 - Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
0689806698 CHECK CATALOG

Georgia Children's Book Award Winner - 1999
Rhode Island Children's Book Award Winner - 1998
Winner - 1999 Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Award
YHBA Winner - 1999
What if one day you decided to stop calling a word like pen "pen" and started calling it something else--like "frindle"? When Nicholas Allen does just that, and encourages all of his friends to start using the new word, his experiment turns the town upside down. An imaginative tale about creative thought and the power of words. ...More

(Reading Level: 4.8 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover The Whipping Boy
By Fleischman, Sid
Sis, Peter
1986/04 - Greenwillow Books
0688062164 CHECK CATALOG

A shout comes echoing up the stairway "Fetch the whipping boy!"

A young orphan named Jemmy rouses from his sleep. "Ain't I already been whipped twice today? Gaw! What's the prince done now? It was forbidden to spank, thrash, or whack the heir to the throne. Jemmy had been plucked from the streets to serve as whipping boy to the arrogant and spiteful Prince Brat.

Dreaming of running away, Jemmy finds himself trapped in Prince Brat's own dream--at once brash and perilous.

In this briskly told tale of high adventure, taut with suspense and rich with colorful characters, the whipping boy and Prince Brat must at last confront each other.

Award-winning author Sid Fleischman again blends the broadly comic with the deeply compassionate in this memorable novel.

A shout comes echoing up the stairway. "Fetch the whipping boy!"

A youn ...More

(Reading Level: 4.8 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover

Chocolate Fever
By Smith, Robert Kimmel
Flammenghi, Gioia
1978/08 - Yearling Books
0440413699 CHECK CATALOG

Henry Green eats so much chocolate he comes down with chocolate fever. "It's all quite preposterous and lots of laughs, and so are the cartoon illustrations."--"Publishers Weekly." Full-color illustrations. ...More

(Reading Level: 4.8 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery
By Howe, James
Daniel, Alan
Howe, Deborah
1996/08 - Aladdin Paperbacks
0689806590 CHECK CATALOG

When the Monroe family brings home a small black-and-white bunny they find in the movie theater after seeing Dracula, Chester the cat and Harold the dog are instantly suspicious. After all the vegetables in the Monroe kitchen start turning white, Chester and Harold are certain that Bunnicula is a vegetarian vampire. ...More

(Reading Level: 4.9 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover

Three Tales of My Father's Dragon
By Gannett, Ruth Stiles
Gannett, Ruth Chrisman
1997/11 - Random House Books for Young Readers
0679889116 CHECK CATALOG

The classic fantasy trilogy of Elmer Elevator and the flying baby dragon has delighted children and their parents for generations. Now, on the occasion of their fiftieth anniversary, Random House is proud to bring the three timeless tales together in one beautiful commemorative edition, complete with the original delightful illustrations. A Newbery Honor Book and an ALA Notable Book, "My Father's Dragon is followed by "Elmer and the Dragon ("rich, humorous, and thoroughly satisfying"*) and "The Dragons of Blueland ("ingenious and plausible, the fantasy well-sustained"*). Each story stands alone, but read in succession, they are an unforgettable experience.*"Library Journal, starred review ...More

(Reading Level: 5.2 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover Your Mother Was a Neanderthal
By Scieszka, Jon
Smith, Lane
1995/03 - Tandem Library
0785756655 CHECK CATALOG

Some people will do anything to get out of doing their homework.

The Time Warp Trio is back -- and they're going back in time, all the way to the Stone Age, where there aren't any math problems. But there are plenty of other problems to keep Sam, Joe, and Fred on their toes, including a tribe of hostile cavewomen, a hungry-looking saber-toothed tiger, a bone-rattling earthquake, and a woolly mammoth who wants to turn them into toe-jam. But worst of all, how can The Book get them back home again when writing hasn't even been invented yet? ...More

(Reading Level: 5.2 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover The Water Horse
By King-Smith, Dick
Parkins, David
1998/09 - Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
0517800268 CHECK CATALOG

In 1930, on the coast of Scotland, eight-year-old Kirstie finds a large egg which hatches into an unusual sea creature, and as he grows her family must decide what to do with him. ...More

(Reading Level: 5.2 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover The Reluctant Dragon
By Grahame, Kenneth
Moore, Inga
Moore, Inga
2004/09 - Candlewick Press (MA)
0763621994 CHECK CATALOG

With the help of a bright little boy, a poetic dragon defies stereotypes in the humorous, classic tale by the beloved author of "The Wind in the Willows," abridged and splendidly illustrated by Moore. Full color. ...More

(Reading Level: 5.4 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover Mick Harte Was Here
By Park, Barbara
Llewellyn, Sam
1995/01 - Topeka Bindery
9780613002073 CHECK CATALOG

Rhode Island Children's Book Award Winner - 1997
One of today's best-loved writers for middle graders addresses a serious subject and presents a sensitive and unforgettable novel about how one girl copes with the death of her brother in a bike accident. Park approaches a difficult issue in an accessible story filled with sadness, humor and hope. ...More

(Reading Level: 5.5 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover Keeper of the Doves
By Byars, Betsy Cromer
2004/02 - Puffin Books
0142400637 CHECK CATALOG

Now available in paperback--the acclaimed novel from the Newbery Medal-winning author of "Summer of the Swans." "The snippets of Amie's and her family's lives add up to an exquisitely complete picture."--"Publishers Weekly." ...More

(Reading Level: 5.7 Interest Level: 3-6)

Book Cover The Rifle
By Paulsen, Gary
1997/02 - Laurel-Leaf Books
0440219205 CHECK CATALOG

In 1768 a gunsmith named Cornish McManus built a rifle of such accuracy that he knew he could never create another like it. He intended to keep and treasure his masterpiece, but with a new wife to provide for, he felt pressed to sell it. Soon the rifle was helping one John Byam become a legendary sharpshooter in the American Revolution. But when Byam succumbed to dysentery, the weapon was passed on to yet another owner, and then another and another, until the present day. ...More

(Interest Level: 6 and up)


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