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 Frequently Asked Questions - About Non-Resident Fees

Non-Resident Fees

Before you bought your home you probably checked carefully where your children would go to school and what type of police protection you would have. But chances are you didn't think to ask about where you and your family would get library service. Why should you? In Salt Lake, Davis and Weber Counties the county governments provide tax-supported, fixed site library service to their citizens. In Box Elder County, however, library service is only provided through the bookmobile program. Schedules for the bookmobile may be requested at our circulation desk or you can call the office for the bookmobile at 435-723-2261.

Non-Residents of Brigham City do have the option of purchasing a yearly library card. Cost information is listed below.

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Background Information

America's tax-supported public libraries are unique and they are the envy of much of the rest of the world. Access to information, education, entertainment, and culture for every citizen as a service of local government is unheard of in most other countries.

Public library service in the U.S. traces its beginnings to private enterprises such as Ben Franklin's Library Company in Philadelphia. As the country grew, people began to think that public library service, like education, was too important to leave to chance. Private subscription libraries began to be replaced with tax-supported public libraries.

When Andrew Carnegie broadcast library building upon the land, just like John Chapman sowed apple seeds decades earlier, his gift took root, blossomed, and bore fruit today. Emblazoned over the doors of many of the Carnegie buildings are the words "Free to All", which has led to some confusion. What was meant as and invitation to enter and use the material collected in the library has been misunderstood by some to mean that library service doesn't cost anything. That just isn't so.

In 1912 the citizens of Brigham City voted that they would be taxed $2,000 for the first year's maintenance of the Brigham City Library. In 1915 a new library building was completed north of the County Courthouse. Since then these citizens have invested millions of dollars to make the Brigham City Library what it is today. Each year they are tax themselves an additional $50,000 to keep their books current, pay the staff, and maintain the building.

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The citizens of Brigham City own the Brigham City Public Library, but they are willing to share it with others. Anyone may walk in and use the collections, phone the library for information, and ask the staff for help. If, however, a non-resident wishes to borrow materials, these citizen-owners require that person to pay a fair share to help support the operation and maintenance of the library.

The current cost (for 2008) of providing service is:

Per Household*:

  • $60.00 per year,
  • $35.00 for six months, or
  • $20.00 for three months

*The above is per household, which means for the price above every person living in that household can get a card for the same price.

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What you get for $60.00

Upon payment of the annual fee, non-residents have full use of:

  • 54,843 Books
  • 1,178 Audiobooks (Cassette Tapes)
  • 736 Audiobooks (CD)
  • 179 Audiobooks (MP3)
  • 1,836 Downloadable eAudiobooks
  • 1,361 Large Print Books
  • 1,946 Videos
  • 682 DVDs
  • 239 CD-ROMs
  • 239 Audiobook/Book Combos
  • 6 Newspapers
  • 140 Magazine Subscriptions
  • Wireless In-Library Internet Access
  • 6 Internet Access Terminals
  • Children's Programming
  • Adult Programming

The figures on this list were last updated in April 2007.

$60.00 may seem like a lot of money, but some comparisons may help put it in perspective. An average priced hardcover novel will run about $25.00. If you buy five during the year it may cost you $125.00 or more. The cover price for a one year subscription of Time magazine is $277.20. An evening out for a family of four may easily cost $50.00. When put into perspective, $60.00 for a year of public library service looks like the incredible bargain it is.

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We want to serve you!

We want to be your library. We want to have the best library service we know how to deliver. We wish it were tax-supported by the county so that we could offer you a "free" library card, but it isn't and we can't. Until the county government where you live provides tax supported county library service, other than just the bookmobile, we must collect the cost directly from you. When you purchase a library card from Brigham City Public Library, you purchase our pledge to provide you with the best library service we know how to deliver, at a reasonable cost.

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Brigham City Library Mission Statement

Library Policy Statements

Library Board Members

Using the Library

Finding Information


For all other inquiries, please ask a librarian.

Brigham City Library Mission Statement

The Brigham City Library is a community service agency whose mission is to make readily available, the materials most wanted by the residents of the area. the library provides programs and materials for young children and those entering the world of reading. The library also provides supplementary resources for use by the elementary and secondary school students. The library serves as a source for programs and materials for self-education and personal enrichment. [return to the top]

Using the Library

  • How do I get a Library Card?
    • A citizen of Brigham City or Weber County over the age of six (6) can receive a library card free of charge. Adults must sign for children under the age of 18. Adults must bring 2 forms of I.D., one being a picture I.D., one of which must have their current address on it. Non-Residents of the city may get a library card by paying a yearly fee ($60 for 2008). Weber County residents are able to check out library materials without the fee due to a reciprocal borrowing agreement between the Brigham City Library and the Weber County Library System which also enables Brigham City residents to get a card in Weber County. To protect your account a library card is required at check-out. Occasionally picture ID may be substituted. [return to the top]
  • What materials may I checkout at the Library?
    • Books--Bestsellers, Easy Readers, Picture Books, Large Print, Graphic Novels, Non-Fiction, and More; Audio-Visual -- Books-on-Tape (unabridged), Books on CD, Books on MP3, VHS tapes, DVDs, Downloadable eAudiobooks; Magazines; and CD-ROMs. [return to the top]
  • How do I locate materials in the Library?
    • Our library has an online catalog that allows patrons to access library holdings by title, author, subject, call number, series (when available) or keyword. Patrons may access this at the library or elsewhere via the internet. [return to the top]
  • Are there library tours Available?
    • The library is pleased to offer tours of its facilities. To schedule a tour for your group, please call 435-723-5850 at least 1 week prior to the date you would like the tour. [return to the top]
  • How may I request a book that is checked out?
    • If the library item you want is checked out you can put a hold on it in one of three ways.
      • First, if you are in the library you may just go to the front desk and have one of our circulation staff create the hold for you.
      • Second, if you can't make it into the library you can call the library, 435-723-5850, and request the hold be placed for you.
      • Third, if you have already created a password for your library account, you can do it by logging into our online catalog and place the hold yourself by accessing the book's record in the catalog and clicking on "Hold It!"
    • You will be notified by phone when the item comes in for you. If you prefer to be notified by e-mail you must contact the library with your card information and have us add a hold notification by e-mail request to your card. [return to the top]
  • How do I get a password for my library account so I can access my information at home?
    • To get a password for your account you need to come into the library and ask for one at the circulation desk. The circulation staff will then find someone to help you sign-up for a password. If you forget your password you must come in and sign-up for a new one. [return to the top]
  • How do I get a book or item if the Brigham City Library does not have it?
    • If the library does not have an item you would like, you may request the library purchase that item by filling out a request form at the library's circulation desk or go the our “Contact Us ” page and request the book via e-mail. The Inter-Library Loan System (ILL) is also available for book requests. If, for any reason, the library is unable to get a book for you, an inter-library loan request will send a search out to other libraries which may be willing to loan you the book through our library. Hard-to-find books can sometimes be located at libraries throughout the country through our Inter-Library Loan System. A small non-refundable fee ($2.50) is charged to cover postage and is due at the time the request is made. [return to the top]
  • How do I get to the library?
    • The library is located at 26 East Forest Street. For more detailed directions please map it. If you need any further assistance please feel free to call the library and ask for directions, 435-723-5850. [return to the top]
  • When is the library closed?
  • How do I get a NetLibrary account?
    • You can get a NetLibrary account in one of two ways:
      • Come into the library and sign-up for a session on an internet machine then go to click on the NetLibrary link on our home page. Click into "NetLibrary Sign-up", choose option 1 on the Pioneer Library page, then look for the "Creat a Free Account" link in the top right hand corner of the NetLibrary screen. Just follow the on screen instructions from there.
      • Get online and click on the NetLibrary link on our home page. Click into "NetLibrary Sign-up", choose option 2 on the Pioneer Library page. You will need to call the library, 723-5850, for the Pioneer Library access code. Then look for the "Creat a Free Account" link in the top right hand corner of the NetLibrary screen. Just follow the on screen instructions from there.
    • Once you have a NetLibrary account you can download eAudiobooks to your computer transfer them to a wma compatable digital audio player. You will also have access to a large collection of eBooks. [return to the top]

Finding Information

  • How do I get access to the resources available on Pioneer Library?
    • In order to access many of the resouces available on Pioneer Library you will need the access code for your library. For the correct access code for your area please call your local library. In Brigham City call us at, 723-5850. [return to the top]
  • How do I get answers to my questions?
    • A librarian is available at our upstairs reference desk to help you find the information you need using library resources. You may also contact us by e-mail or by telephone, 435-723-5850. [return to the top]
  • What resources are available to when I need to find material on a topic?
    • Try a subject or keyword on our online catalog to see what resources the library has in its collection.
    • You can also try One Search on our online catalog to get results from the library as well as online sources.
    • For other online resources you can click into the “Research Center” on our home page. On our home page you will find links to great online resources such as:
    • With the use of quality online resources your search can take you around the world. And, of course, you are always welcome to ask a librarian in person, by telephone, or via e-mail. [return to the top]
  • How do I find out what new books the library is getting?
    • The library publishes several eNewsletters, including recent acquisitions, through an internet service called BookLetters. You can subscibe to e-mail or RSS deliveries of the the BookLetters of your choice or by viewing them from our online catalog home page under "Recent Acquisitions". [return to the top]


  • What programs are sponsored by the Library?
    • The library offers outstanding programs and special events for adults and children, including a book group that meets monthly to have book discussions with a scholar. To see our current programs please click into “Library Programs” here or from our main page. [return to the top]
  • What programs are available for children?
    • Library programs for children currently include "Preschool Story Time", "Mommy & Me", and "Reading Time". Occasionally there are new programs or special events for families and every summer we have our popular summer reading program. For a list of current programs please visit our Children's Programming page. [return to the top]
  • Will the library help someone learn to read or to speak English?
    • The Brigham City Library supports the advancement of family literacy through efforts of our literacy coordinator and a committed group of literacy volunteers. One-on-one tutoring is provided for children, teens, and adults in basic reading and writing as well as for English as a second language patrons. The Literacy Program also has a workstation available at the library with software to help students learn English from multiple foreign languages. For more information on classes, volunteering, or private tutoring please visit the Literacy Program's page. [return to the top]
  • May I reserve one of your rooms for a program or meeting?
    • Our auditorium and conference room are available for reservation for programs and meetings. The program must be non-profit in nature and no fee (on-site or off-site) for participants is allowed. Rooms may be reserved up to one month in advance. Please see our policy on meeting rooms for more information. [return to the top]





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