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  If you like Paranormal Romance, you might like:

By Armstrong, Kelley
2010-06 - Plume Books
9780452296640 CHECK CATALOG

On the eve of her marriage, Elena Michaels learns that her fiance has been concealing his secret life as a werewolf, and, as a bonus, he has made her into one also. …More

Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition
Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition
By Feehan, Christine
2011-11 - Avon Books
9780062019554 CHECK CATALOG

Enter the enchanting world of the Carpathians, in this special edition of #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Feehan's "Dark Prince"--the first book in her Dark series--now with 100 pages of new material. Reissue. …More

By Frank, Jacquelyn
2011-05 - Zebra
9781420124989 CHECK CATALOG

In this passionate debut--the first in a stunning new series--Frank creates an alternate world where moonlight creates a forbidden passion too overwhelming to ignore. Since time began, there have been Nightwalkers. Love with humans is absolutely forbidden, and Jacob, the Enforcer, makes certain to uphold this ancient law. For 700 years he has resisted temptation--until tonight. Original. …More

The Vampire Voss
The Vampire Voss
By Gleason, Colleen
2011-03 - Mira Books
9780778329527 CHECK CATALOG

"A book of the regency Draculia"-- cover. …More

By Graham, Heather
2003-09 - Mira Books
9781551667508 CHECK CATALOG

After his guests and staff complain of a ghostly presence in the Colonial manor Melody House, owner Matt Stone hires paranormal investigator Darcy Tremayne to explore the house. But Darcy soon unveils more than a tormented ghost. Original. …More

Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures
By Hamilton, Laurell K.
2002-09 - Jove Books
9780515134490 CHECK CATALOG

Introducing Anita Blake, vampire hunter extraordinaire. Most people don't even bat an eye at vampires since they've been given equal rights by the Supreme Court. But Anita knows better--she's seen their victims. . . . A serial killer is murdering vampires, however, and now the most powerful vampire in town wants Anita to find the killer. …More

Dead Witch Walking
Dead Witch Walking
By Harrison, Kim
Read by Gavin, Marguerite
2007-07 - Tantor Media
9781400104710 CHECK CATALOG

Rachel Morgan is on the run with a contract on her head. To clear her name, Rachel must evade shape-changing assassins, outwit a powerful businessman/crimelord, and survive a vicious underground fight to the death. Unabridged. 13 CDs. …More

Night Pleasures
Night Pleasures
By Kenyon, Sherrilyn
2002-10 - St. Martin's Press
9780312979980 CHECK CATALOG

Kyrian of Thrace is an immortal, enjoying thousands of years of playing a hero, but known to none. When he wakes up one night handcuffed to a conservative woman--his worst nightmare--Kyrian's attraction to Amanda Devereaux goes against everything he stands for. The last time he fell in love, it cost him not only his human life but his soul. But every time he looks at Amanda, he finds himself wanting to try again. …More

Do You Believe?
Do You Believe?
By Lawrence, Ann
2005-05 - Tor Books
9780765348883 CHECK CATALOG

Rose Early's sister is missing, and the only clue she has is a horror novel with her sister's notes in the margins. The author, Vic Drummond, agrees to help Rose find her sister. Rose must soon decide: Does she believe in real evil? And does she believe in true love? Original. …More

A Girl's Guide to Vampires
A Girl's Guide to Vampires
By MacAlister, Katie
2003-11 - Love Spell
9780505525307 CHECK CATALOG

Armed with only a bag of rune stones and her wicked sense of humor, an American woman untangles the threads connecting a serial killer, vampires, and the handsome man who may not be as he appears. Original. …More

Season of Strangers
Season of Strangers
By Martin, Kat
2008-06 - Mira Books
9780778325543 CHECK CATALOG

As Julie Ferris enjoys a day at the beach with her sister Laura, a strange, almost undetectable charge fills the air. Then time stops altogether. Neither sister can explain their lost day--nor the headaches and nightmares that follow. Original. …More

Demons Not Included
Demons Not Included
By McCray, Cheyenne
2009-06 - St. Martin's Press
9780312949600 CHECK CATALOG

New York Times "bestselling author Cheyenne McCray begins her hottest urban fantasy series yet! Prepare yourself for a whole new world where darkness beckons--and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger..."


Meet Nyx. This half-human, half-Drow private eye investigates paranormal crimes by day and is an elite Tracker of demons by night. She prefers working solo--and playing rough. So when a terrifying force starts murdering innocent humans and paranorms, and leaving strange demonic symbols burned into their buildings, it's a case Nyx takes "very" personally...


Meanwhile, Nyx's fellow Trackers are being killed one by one--and a sexy new Tracker named Torin is shadowing her every move. Torin has powers Nyx can't read, and sometimes she wonders whose side he's on. Nyx's instincts tell her something's brewing in the city's meanest supernatural streets, and that it's ready to unleash hell on Earth. Who can she trust? Now it's five minutes to permanent midnight...and Nyx's last chance means risking everything--even her own life. …More

By Owens, Robin D.
2006-08 - Berkley Publishing Group
9780425212400 CHECK CATALOG

The very first novel in the Celta futuristic romance series--a RITA Award( winner for Best Paranormal Romance--is now reissued. Set on a planet where psychic abilities are the norm, "HeartMate" is the story of how two people find that love is the most unexpected pleasure of all. …More

Bump in the Night
Bump in the Night
By Robb, J. D.
Author Blayney, Mary
Author Langan, Ruth Ryan
2006-03 - Jove Books
9780515141177 CHECK CATALOG

Today's most provocative authors, including Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Mary Kay McComan, present new stories of paranormal romance. Includes a new Lt. Eve Dallas story by #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb. Original. …More

Out of This World
Out of This World
By Robb, J. D.
Author Hamilton, Laurell K.
Author Krinard, Susan
2001-08 - Jove Books
9780515131093 CHECK CATALOG

Four bestselling mystery authors contribute to this collection that features a theme of love, supernatural style. Includes a new Lt. Eve Dallas story by Robb; a new "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" tale from Laurell K. Hamilton; and stories by Susan Krinard and Maggie Shayne. …More

Dance Upon the Air
Dance Upon the Air
By Roberts, Nora
2001-06 - Jove Books
9780515131222 CHECK CATALOG

Nell, Ripley, and Mia are three women bound by the magic, legends, and romance of the Massachusetts coast in the first novel in Roberts's bewitching new "Three Sisters Island" trilogy. …More

Date Me, Baby, One More Time
Date Me, Baby, One More Time
By Rowe, Stephanie
2006-05 - Warner Forever
9780446617666 CHECK CATALOG

This delightful and witty paranormal romance debut features pretzel-eating dragons, cursed mathematicians, and a guardian of the Fountain of Youth in desperate need of a date. Original. …More

A Quick Bite
A Quick Bite
By Sands, Lynsay
2005-10 - Avon Books
9780060773755 CHECK CATALOG

The "USA Today" bestelling author's delectable vampire series continues. Lissianna Argeneu is a vampire who hates the sight of blood. Yet she feels a different kind of hunger for psychoanalyst Greg Hewitt. Original. …More

Edge of Twilight
Edge of Twilight
By Shayne, Maggie
2004-03 - Mira Books
9780778320227 CHECK CATALOG

Edge is the last of a band of Immortals who have been murdered by an enemy determined to unlock their deepest secrets. To claim vengeance, he must find the young woman whispered to be the only half human, half vampire ever born. Original. …More

The Darkest Night
The Darkest Night
By Showalter, Gena
2010-01 - Harlequin Books
9780373775224 CHECK CATALOG

The first volume in the Lords of the Underworld trilogy opens with Ashlyn Darrow coming to Budapest to seek help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities. Neither she nor Maddox, a man trapped in his own hell, can resist the instant hunger that calms their torments. Original. …More

Demon's Kiss
Demon's Kiss
By Silver, Eve
2007-10 - Forever
9780446409865 CHECK CATALOG

A new dark and sexy twist on the paranormal romance, this tale features an immortal sorcerer, a human with special powers, and a demon bent on their destruction. [A] lush, sensual, and compelling read.--"USA Today" bestselling author Cheyenne McCray. Original. …More

By Summers, Jordan
2008-11 - Tor Books
9780765359148 CHECK CATALOG

War is brewing in a near-future world where murder is all but unheard of, and the existence of creatures known as the "Others" has yet to be proven. Gina Santiago is a member of an elite tactical team in charge of protecting this world--even as a killer stalks her. Original. …More

A Werewolf in Manhattan: A Wild about You Novel
A Werewolf in Manhattan: A Wild about You Novel
By Thompson, Vicki Lewis
2011-01 - Signet Book
9780451232472 CHECK CATALOG

From the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Chick with a Charm" comes the first in a new, fun, and light paranormal romance series featuring werewolves and the women who fall for them. Original. …More

Blood Bound
Blood Bound
By Vincent, Rachel
2011-08 - Mira Books
9780778312550 CHECK CATALOG

From the "New York Times"- and "USA Today"-bestselling author of the Shifter series comes the first novel in a new paranormal romance trilogy. Original. …More

Dark Lover
Dark Lover
By Ward, J. R.
2005-09 - Signet Book
9780451216953 CHECK CATALOG

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war going on between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Yet none of them relishes killing more than Wrath, the leader of The Black Dagger Brotherhood.
The only purebred vampire left on earth, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who murdered his parents centuries ago. But, when one of his most trusted fighters is killed-leaving his half-breed daughter unaware of his existence or her fate-Wrath must usher her into the world of the undead-a world of sensuality beyond her wildest dreams. …More


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