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Compell Evidence 27fl
Compelling Evidence
By Martini, Steve
1993-01 - Jove Books
9780515111729 CHECK CATALOG

"Seamless, suspenseful, plausible . . . all that a courtroom drama should be" (New York Daily News). Sharp defense attorney Paul Madriani was on the rise with the firm of Potter, Skarpellos--until a short-lived affair with Potter's wife cost him his job. Now, Potter's wife is accused of his murder--and Paul is thrust back into the big time, as he uncovers secrets that may end his career--and his life. …More

Everywhere That Mary Went
Everywhere That Mary Went
By Scottoline, Lisa
1993-11 - HarperTorch
9780061042935 CHECK CATALOG

Mary DiNunzio is too busy trying to make partner in her cutthroat Philadelphia law firm to worry about the crank phone calls she's been getting. But when they develop a sinister pattern, Mary soon gets the unshakable sensation that someone is watching her . . . and following her every move. …More

The Inner Circle
The Inner Circle
By Meltzer, Brad
2011-01 - Grand Central Publishing
9780446577892 CHECK CATALOG

Number-one "New York Times"-bestselling author Meltzer returns with a pulse-pounding new novel of lies and deception at the highest levels of government. After reuniting with a childhood crush, a young archivist makes an astonishing discovery in the secret vault of the National Archives, where the president privately reviews classified documents. The two soon find themselves entangled in a web of deception, conspiracy, and murder that will reveal the most well-kept secret of the U.S. presidency. …More

The Innocent
The Innocent
By Baldacci, David
2012-10 - Grand Central Publishing
9781455519002 CHECK CATALOG

America has enemies--people that the police, the FBI, even the military can't stop. That's when the U.S. government calls on Will Robie, a stone cold hitman who never questions orders and always nails his target. But he may have just made the first--and last--mistake of his career. …More

The Hunt Club
The Hunt Club
By Lescroart, John
2006-02 - Dutton Books
9780525949145 CHECK CATALOG

BookPage Notable Title
Wyatt Hunt is a self-employed P.I., working low-profile surveillance and insurance fraud cases. When a federal judge is found murdered in Pacific Heights, Hunt enlists his confederation of friends, stringers, and associates--the Hunt Club--to help bring the murderer to justice. …More

Suspicion of Innocence
Suspicion of Innocence
By Parker, Barbara
2010-08 -
9780759295308 CHECK CATALOG

Gail Connor and Anthony Quintana make a combustible mix on many levels. Passionately attracted to each other on a personal level, they are equally passionate defenders of their clients even when their interests don t always work in tandem. Set all this against the sultry background of a Miami that is riddled with crime and corruption, drowning in drugs, illegal immigrants and shady deals, simmering with a melting-pot clash of cultures and you have a recipe for highly entertaining, hotly explosive crime and justice. In the first title in the Suspicion series, SUSPICION OF INNOCENCE, Gail Connor is a fast-rising attorney in a major law firm, about to make partner until her life is derailed by the discovery of her sister s murdered body and the quick revelation that Gail is the prime suspect. Gail must fight for her life as she gets a first-hand look at the dark underside of the legal system. …More

Fall from Grace
Fall from Grace
By Patterson, Richard North
2012-03 - Scribner Book Company
9781451617054 CHECK CATALOG

The novel begins with the arrival of Adam Blaine at the funeral of his estranged father, Ben Blaine, a famous and charismatic writer who left behind him a string of secret legal and financial arrangements. Using his training as a CIA operative, Adam seeks to find the truth of his father's death, even if it means exposing one or more of his own family members as the killer and discovering secrets about himself that he was never supposed to know. …More

Final Jeopardy
Final Jeopardy
By Fairstein, Linda A.
1997-06 - Pocket Books
9780671010126 CHECK CATALOG

Alexandra Cooper, Manhattan's top sex crime prosecutor, awakens one morning to shocking news--a tabloid headline announcing her own brutal murder. But the actual victim was Isabella Lascar, the Hollywood film star who sought refuge at Alex's Martha's Vineyard retreat. Was Isabella targeted by a stalker or was she in the wrong place at the wrong time--mistaken for Alex? …More

Supreme Justice: A Novel of Suspense
Supreme Justice: A Novel of Suspense
By Margolin, Phillip M.
2010-05 - Harper
9780061926518 CHECK CATALOG

Filled with the fast-paced twists and surprises that propelled "Executive Privilege, Supreme Justice" reunites attorney Brad Miller, FBI agent Keith Evans, and private investigator Dana Cutler to untangle a five-year-old case involving a ghost ship and the president's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. …More

Primary Justice
Primary Justice
By Bernhardt, William
1995-01 - Ballantine Books
9780345479976 CHECK CATALOG

Ben Kincaid wants to be a lawyer because he wants to do the right thing. But once he leaves the D.A.'s office for a hot-shot spot in Tulsa's most prestigious law firm, Ben discovers that doing the right thing and representing his client's interests can be mutually exclusive.
An explosive legal thriller that takes readers on a frantic ride of suspicion and intrigue, PRIMARY JUSTICE brings morality and temptation together in one dangerous motion.

"From the Paperback edition." …More

Dead Connection
Dead Connection
By Burke, Alafair
2008-11 - St. Martin's Press
9780312944810 CHECK CATALOG

"""Utterly riveting."--Tess Gerritsen

Two young, single women are murdered on the streets of New York City, exactly one year apart. Their only connection: Both had posted profiles on the popular online dating service, Enter NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher. She fits the profile of the victims, and is called in for a special assignment to the homicide team.

"Burke is a terrific web spinner...keep[s] readers at her mercy."
--"Entertainment Weekly" promises its online clientele that they'll remain anonymous and safe. But Ellie is about to discover that the company is protecting the identity of the killer more than it protected the safety of his victims...

"Tantalizing." --"Library Journal"

Soon Ellie is entangled in a web of anonymous identities and false leads as she tries to attract and lure in a suspect. But time is running out to find the killer before he claims his next victim which, in a devastating twist of fate, is looking more and more likely to be Ellie herself.... …More

The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer
By Connelly, Michael
2008-09 - Grand Central Publishing
9780446541138 CHECK CATALOG

For defense attorney Mickey Haller, the clock is always running. With two ex-wives, four Lincoln Town Cars that he uses as offices, and dozens of guilty clients, he can't afford to miss a trick. When he gets picked by a Beverly Hills rich boy arrested for assault, Mickey sees a franchise case: a nice, long, expensive trial with maximum billable hours--until it hurtles him into the last place he wants to be. Suddenly hustling, cynical Mickey Haller is confronted with pure evil and someone who may be truly innocent. Now, for a lawyer who has always gone for the easy score, getting justice means taking the deadliest risk of all. …More

Open and Shut
Open and Shut
By Rosenfelt, David
2003-05 - Grand Central Publishing
9780446612531 CHECK CATALOG

Attorney Andy Carpenter is shocked when his father, a former New Jersey district attorney, dies, leaving Andy two unexpected legacies: a fortune of millions Andy never knew existed, and the death row appeal of a man framed for a racially motivated murder. …More

Presumed Innocent
Presumed Innocent
By Turow, Scott
2010-04 - Grand Central Publishing
9780446676441 CHECK CATALOG

Prosecutor Rusty Sabich is transformed from accuser to accused when he is handed an explosive case--that of the brutal murder of a woman who happens to be his former lover. …More

No Lesser Plea
No Lesser Plea
By Tanenbaum, Robert K.
1988-06 - Signet Book
9780451154965 CHECK CATALOG

D.A. Butch Karp won't rest until he gets no lesser plea than "guilty of murder" out of Mandeville Louis, a vicious assassin accused of killing two innocent people in cold blood. Karp knows his insanity plea was as calculated as his crime. And he's getting away with both.

Now, lying in wait in a psychiatric ward, Louis is about to slip through the system again. But this time he's reaching out for something intimately close to Karp: beautiful Marlene Ciampi. As a killer's spree explodes in a nightmare of violence, she will become the unwitting pawn in two men's deadly battle of minds...and murder. …More

The Pardon: The First Jack Swyteck Novel
The Pardon: The First Jack Swyteck Novel
By Grippando, James
2011-06 - Harper
9780062024480 CHECK CATALOG

From the national bestselling author--the sensational thriller that introduced lawyer Jack Swyteck ("Last to Die"), reissued in this specially priced paperback edition. …More

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