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First Comes Marriage
First Comes Marriage
By Balogh, Mary
2009-02 - Dell Publishing Company
9780440244226 CHECK CATALOG

In the first of a dazzling linked Regency quartet by a "New York Times"-bestselling author, Viscount Lygate is drawn to the many attractions of the Huxtable family, but which one of the daughters will answer his prayers? Original. …More

Nights of Rain and Stars
Nights of Rain and Stars
By Binchy, Maeve
2005-06 - Signet Book
9780451214461 CHECK CATALOG

Binchy's latest "New York Times" bestseller is a story of sudden endings and new beginnings between tourists in a small Greek island village, who are brought together by a sudden tragedy in the harbor that turns perfect strangers into unlikely friends. …More

Playing the Game
Playing the Game
By Bradford, Barbara Taylor
2010-10 - St. Martin's Press
9780312578084 CHECK CATALOG

The "New York Times"-bestselling author of "A Woman of Substance" and "The Ravenscar Dynasty" does it again in this epic novel of seduction, passion, and international intrigue--the explosive story about one woman's journey to success. …More

This Calder Range
This Calder Range
By Dailey, Janet
2001-01 - Pocket Books
9780671040482 CHECK CATALOG

Chase Benteen Calder was bound to wrest a fortune from Montana land, where the whisper of riches swept across a sea of buffalo grass. With Lorna at his side, a woman who took the tough ways of the land as her destiny, he would breathe life into his dream.

Through the treacherous Texas prairie, the perils of Indian country, and a bustling Dodge City, they forged their way to Montana. With Calder strength, they would harvest their fortune from the rich earth, on the sprawling plains of "This Calder Range." …More

Coast Road
Coast Road
By Delinsky, Barbara
2008-09 - Pocket Books
9781416579564 CHECK CATALOG

Hailed as "a heartwarming story" ("Star Tribune," Minneapolis), a celebration of what matters most in life, Barbara Delinsky's profoundly moving "New York Times" bestseller is as richly textured and captivating as the Northern California landscape in which it is set.

Jack McGill chose his architectural career over his family, and returned home from yet another business trip to find that his wife, Rachel, had left him. Now, six years later, a car accident has left Rachel clinging to life, and she and their two daughters desperately need him. Putting work on hold for the first time in his life, Jack decides to sit by his ex-wife's bedside. As he meets Rachel's many new friends, and tries to cope with two teenage daughters and their problems, he learns more about a woman he never really knew, her expressive art, and the secret that made her leave. Much to his astonishment, Jack begins to see Rachel, his daughters, and the story of his marriage with new eyes. …More

The Mulberry Tree
The Mulberry Tree
By Deveraux, Jude
2003-04 - Pocket Books
9780743437646 CHECK CATALOG

When her billionaire husband dies in a plane crash, all he leaves Lillian is an old farmhouse in Virginia. Lillian must build a new life in a quirky small town. But will she have the strength to unveil the truth about a past scandal and the loss of her husband? …More

By Hodge, Jane Aiken
1992-06 - St. Martin's Press
9780312078843 CHECK CATALOG

Mark Weatherby disappears after asking Kathryn Pennan's abusive, lecherous stepfather for her hand in marriage. A year later, she is forced to marry a wealthy young banker, a desperate act to save her family from poverty and to escape the advances of her stepfather. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Kathryn does her best to adjust to the situation. Falsely accused of murdering her husband, a pregnant Kathryn flees from her small town and settles in London, where she finds a world of opportunity and an unlikely change in her circumstances. …More

Mistress of Mellyn
Mistress of Mellyn
By Holt, Victoria
2008-12 - St. Martin's Griffin
9780312384159 CHECK CATALOG

As Martha Leigh approached the sprawling mansion of her new employer, Connan TreMellyn, an odd chill of apprehension overcame her. Soon whispers of past tragedy and present danger began to insinuate themselves into Martha's life. Powerless against her growing desire for Connan, she is drawn deeper into family secrets. But though evil lurks in the shadows, so does love -- and the freedom to find a golden promise of forever . . . …More

By Howatch, Susan
1984-07 - Fawcett Books
9780449206225 CHECK CATALOG

Set against the starkly beautiful landscape of Cornwall, PENMARRIC is the totally enthralling saga of a family divided against itself. At the center of the novel is the great mansion called Penmarric. It is to Penmarric that Mark Castallack, a proud, strange, and sensitive man, brings his bride Janna--the first act in a tempestuous drama that was to span three generations.... …More

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett
The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett
By McCullough, Colleen
2008-12 - Thorndike Press
9781410411099 CHECK CATALOG

The bestselling author of "The Thorn Birds" breathes new life into the characters of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." Jane and Elizabeth's younger, bookish sister, Mary is still too willful to be confined within traditional marriage, so she embarks on an adventure of her own. …More

The Shell Seekers
The Shell Seekers
By Pilcher, Rosamunde
Introduction by Pilcher, Rosamunde
1997-07 - St. Martin's Press
9780312961329 CHECK CATALOG

At the end of a long and useful life, Penelope Keeling's prize possession is "The Shell Seekers", painted by her father, and symbolizing her unconventional life, from bohemian childhood to wartime romance. When her grown children learn their grandfather's work is now worth a fortune, each has an idea as to what Penelope should do. But as she recalls the passions, tragedies and secrets of her life, she knows there is only one answer--and it lies in her heart. …More

Firefly Beach
Firefly Beach
By Rice, Luanne
2001-05 - Bantam Books
9780553573206 CHECK CATALOG

Under the summer sky, anything is possible....
Author of the acclaimed novels Cloud Nine and Follow the Stars Home, Luanne Rice returns with another moving portrait of a family in crisis -- as three sisters come face-to-face with the past and find in each other the courage to go on.
Coolly sophisticated and steadfastly single, Caroline Renwick has always been the sister everyone could count on. As she and Clea and Skye gathered at Firefly Hill, their childhood home, Caroline thought that they had all put the past behind them. But as summer gets under way, a mysterious man arrives -- a man who has the power to bring it all back....
Joe Connor was only six when his father died at Firefly Hill. Though he and Caroline had never met, the five-year-old girl reached out to him. They became pen pals and friends, until a teenaged Joe finally learned the truth about what had happened to his father that night. Now, after years of silence, Joe is suddenly here ... and Caroline still feels a connection. But she can't help but wonder if this handsome man holds the key to her family's healing -- or its destruction. And in his presence, how long will she be able to guard her heart? …More

Home Song
Home Song
By Spencer, LaVyrle
2011-07 - Berkley Publishing Group
9780425241202 CHECK CATALOG

LaVyrle Spencer explores the true meaning of unconditional love in this powerful "New York Times" bestseller.
High school principal Tom Gardner feels a sense of shock when he sees Kent Arens, a new transfer student. With one glance, Tom can see that this teenager is the son he never knew he had-the result of a one-night stand on the eve of his wedding years before, now grown into an intelligent, athletic, and polite young man. But the boy's presence has a devastating effect on Tom's family.
As the Gardners careen toward disaster, they test the foundation of trust and respect that their family was built on-and learn that love leaves no choice but forgiveness. …More

Family Ties
Family Ties
By Steel, Danielle
2011-06 - Dell Publishing Company
9780440245193 CHECK CATALOG

From Manhattan to Paris and all the way to Tehran, #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Steel weaves a powerfully compelling story that reminds readers how challenging and unpredictable life can be--and how the bonds of family hold them together. …More

The Bridges of Madison County
The Bridges of Madison County
By Waller, Robert James
1995-09 - Warner Books
9780446364492 CHECK CATALOG

The legendary love story, the bestselling hardcover novel of all time, and the major motion picture starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. This is the story of Robert Kincaid, the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County, and Francesca Johnson, the farm wife waiting for fulfillment of a girlhood dream. It shows readers what it is to love and be loved so intensely that life is never the same again. …More

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